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Ultra Dry eye TG bottle Ultra Dry Eye TG with Lutein and D3 Label

OcuSci Ultra Dry Eye TG with Lutein and D3

Ultra Dry Eye TG helps relieve dry eye symptoms. This unique anti-inflammatory and antioxidant formula reduces inflammation and helps reduce the risk of developing Macular Degeneration and Nuclear Cataracts. 180 softgels per bottle.

Instructions: Take 2-3 per day. Ingredients: Triglyceride Omega-3 (sustainably Alaskan sourced) Omega-7 (anti-inflammatory) Lutein (antioxidant) Zeaxanthin (antioxidant) Vitamin D3 (antioxidant, anti-inflammatory) Vitamin B12 (antioxidant).

Ultra Dry Eye TG with Vision Guard

OcuSci Ultra Dry Eye with Vision Guard

Ultra Dry Eye helps relieve dry eye symptoms. This unique anti-inflammatory and antioxidant formula reduces inflammation and helps reduce the risk of developing Macular Degeneration and Nuclear Cataracts. Half-size softgels, 50% smaller than standard fish oil softgels so easier to swallow, 360 softgels per bottle.

Instructions: Take 5-6 per day. Includes the highest absorbable forms of both Vitamin D3 and B12 (methylated for superior absorption) shown to decrease your risk of developing Macular Degeneration and Cataracts. No fish burps or after-taste guaranteed!


OcuSci Dry Eye Compress

The Dry Eye Compress features Hydro Heat technology, which absorbs moisture from the air and releases it as clean, deep-penetrating, moist heat. Provides heat therapy to treat dry eye and meibomian gland dysfunction. One compress with cleanable bag.

Instructions: The Dry Eye Compress is safe, effective and convenient. Place compress in the cleanable bag. Microwave for 20-30 seconds. Always touch with fingers first to test the temperature before applying to eyes, if necessary allow compress to cool and re-test. Do not exceed a maximum of 30 seconds of heating. If reused within 30 minutes reduce heating time by 10 seconds. For best results apply compress to eyes for 5-10 minutes per treatment.



MacuHealth® with LMZ3 is a nutritional supplement that helps enhance vision by restoring important pigments found in the eye. This natural soft gel can reduce glare and help reduce risk of developing age-related macular degeneration (AMD), the leading cause of vision loss among Americans age 65 and older. This treatment for macular degeneration stems from a unique patented formula to rebuild your eye’s natural macular pigments and to maximize that growth over a lifetime. This vitamin contains all three carotenoids your eyes need to stay healthy: Meso-Zeaxanthin, Lutein, and Zeaxanthin. Peer-reviewed research shows this vitamin’s proven effectiveness as a treatment for macular degeneration. 90 softgels per bottle is a 90 day supply.

Instructions: Take one softgel capsule per day. As you take this vitamin consistently, it will improve contrast sensitivity and reduce glare to improve your eye’s overall visual performance. Additionally, by increasing your macular pigment production, this vitamin helps reduce and limit oxidative stress, or the injury free radicals cause your eyes. With this added protection, your eye’s cells are safeguarded from damage and your risk for blindness later in life is reduced. Add this supplement to an AREDS vitamin like Preservision or Ocuvite.

Macuhealth PLUS

Macuhealth Plus

EYE VITAMINS FOR MACULAR DEGENERATION: Whether you’re at risk for macular degeneration or have already been diagnosed with it, you want to do everything possible to improve your ocular health. Our PLUS+ formula contains vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, copper, and the full range of macular pigments. It’s based on the extensive AREDS2 trial results, with zinc levels reduced to safe amounts. MacuHealth PLUS+ eye vitamins for macular degeneration help rebuild macular pigment over your lifetime. Consistent use of MacuHealth PLUS+ is shown to improve vision clarity and performance by protecting your eyes from blue light, decrease inflammation of the retina, and helps control and reverse macular degeneration. Contains 90 sachets.

Instructions: Peer-reviewed research has found that daily use of MacuHealth PLUS+ helps protect against macular degeneration. By improving contrast sensitivity, reducing glare, and increasing macular pigment production, it reduces the risk of blindness later in life. This sachet contains all that you need for maximum protection, no extra eye vitamins are necessary. Take one per day, 90 day supply.



ZocuWipe was developed by an ophthalmologist to specifically target the eyelid margin. ZocuWipe incorporates patented Zokrex technology with okra polysaccharides to deliver Zocusomes to neutralize and remove the oil, dirt, and debris to provide you with immediate and all-day comfort and relief with just one application. 30 wipes per box. Use one per day.

Instructions: Open foil package and unfold ZocuWipe pad. Gently apply ZocuWipe on the lash line of the closed eyelids using horizontal motion for about 10 seconds until product foams. This foam locks onto the dirt, debris, and oily residue to gently and naturally cleanse of eyelid margins. The foam does not need to be rinsed off.



ZocuFoam ™ cleanser and moisturizer delivers the soothing and calming action of our patented Zokrex™ platform with activated natural okra complexes along with the deep cleansing power of micellar Zocusomes™ . It’s pH balanced for the ocular surface and has been clinically shown to be effective against Demodex. Each bottle of ZocuFoam Cleanser and Moisturizer is a 4 month supply when used once daily.

Instructions: ZocuFoam should be used once a day, generally before bedtime, to extend dry eye relief while sleeping. The foam can be applied with a clean finger, rubbing the lids vigorously, and rinse after being in contact with your skin for 30 – 45 seconds.



Zocular® is the first and only company to pioneer the use of a refined extract of Abelmoschus esculentus (aka Hibiscus esculentus), commonly known as okra, for your eyes. Each ZocuShield syringe contains 10 ml of gel that delivers micellar okra complexes to provide superior clinical outcome. ZocuShield gel gently cleanses your lashes and eyelids of oil, makeup, debris and flaky skin that can cause the eyes to feel dry and irritated.

Instructions: Use 1-2 times daily. Apply a thin strip of ZocuShield gel across the lower eyelid. Close eyelids and massage gel over the lashes and eyelids in a gentle circular motion. You do not have to rinse the gel off.

nerdwax 1Nerdwax 2


Nerdwax is a beeswax based blend of All Natural and Certified Organic Ingredients specially formulated to keep your glasses in place while you live your life. Apply nerdwax to the bridge or nosepads of your glasses to stop them from sliding down your nose. Dab on once or twice for mild slipping control or dab several times for maximum slippage control!

Oasis Tears

Oasis Tears

Oasis Tears Plus is a preservative-free lubricating eye drop that keeps tears on the eye surface to relieve the irritation, gritty, sticky-lid sensation that is commonly experienced with dry eye. Oasis Tears Plus is uniquely formulated to give your eyes instant relief and comfort. It is more viscous than Oasis Tears to give a long lasting effect, requiring less dosing for the moderate to severe dry eye. 30 sterile single-use vials per box.

Instructions: Twist off the top of a vial, use once and dispose of the vial. To be used daily, or as directed by your eye care professional.

Oasis Tears Plus

Oasis Tears Plus

Oasis Tears lubricant Eye Drops lubricate, moisten, and relieve symptoms of dry eye disease. Symptoms can range from irritation, dryness, burning, or gritty foreign body sensation. Oasis Tears is uniquely formulated to give your eyes instant relief and comfort. It is less viscous than Oasis Tears Plus to give a long lasting effect for the mild to moderate dry eye, without causing blurry vision. Oasis Tears lubricant drop is best for your mild symptoms with minimal effect on your vision. 30 sterile single-use vials per box.

Instructions: Twist off the top of a vial, use once and dispose of the vial. Use daily as needed to relieve symptoms, or as directed by your eye care professional.

Retaine MGD

Retaine MGD

Retaine MGD is a revolutionary preservative-free ophthalmic emulsion that moisturizes, lubricates and protects moderate to severe dry eyes. Provides long-lasting relief utilizing proprietary cationic oil emulsion technology that effectively delivers ingredients through electrostatic attraction between positively charged droplets and the negatively charged ocular surface. 30 individual vials per box.

Instructions: Instill 1 or 2 drops in the affected eye(s) as needed and discard container. Use as needed or as directed by your eye care professional.



Scientific studies have shown that T4O is the most important component found in tea tree oil for killing Demodex mites. Help relieve symptoms of dry eyes, blepharitis, demodex, and itchy, dry, inflamed eyelid & skin conditions. It penetrates deep into the skin and is a natural and soothing facial cleansing agent. 24 individual towelettes per box.

Instructions: Depending on the severity of your symptoms, your doctor may have different recommendations. For mild-to-moderate symptoms, we recommend using Cliradex once daily for 6-8 weeks. For moderate-to-severe symptoms, we recommend using Cliradex twice daily for 6-8 weeks. You should get as close as possible without getting Cliradex in your eye. However, the most important ingredient in Cliradex is highly permeable, so there is no need to scrub vigorously. Just wipe the upper and lower lid in a gentle sweeping motion while your eyes are closed. You should also apply on the inside bridge of the nose, along-the-brow line and upper portion of the cheekbone. Air dry for 1-2 minutes before opening eyes.

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